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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ann Coulter

Oh how she boils my blood sometimes. I'm really glad to know that every Republican or Conservative I know dismisses her as being as crazy as the people she accuses of being crazy in this column. She seems to imply that focusing on anything but the War on Terror and the War in Iraq would be absolutely insane. There are other things in this country we need to be concerned with. Least of all is budget management which seems to be pretty low on the priority of the fiscally responsible Republican Party. Yeah, we are in a war, but we have been in a couple and I don't seem to remember having such a huge disparity in spending and income during those wars. You know why? Because in order to pay for those wars, the government raised taxes, especially the estate tax in order to pay for those wars. Previous leaders of our country understood that everyone has to give a little bit more in a time of war.