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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Why we have National Parks

People sometimes ask why we spend so much money on preserving our National Park Lands. Aside from the fact that they help create oxygen for us to breath and collect water for us to drink, here are two reasons:

Also, were it not for our funding to National Parks, this Helicopter would not have been able to fly into the middle of a Canyon in Kings Canyon National Park and evacuate a Boy Scout Master who had broken his ankle:

I will also give a nob to the Boy Scouts. While I do not agree with all of their views, they did a great job with this group who was able to carry their 200 lb Scout Master down a mile of granite off trail to where the helicopter could pick him up. Unfortunately for them, they still had a two day hike back to civilization while their leader was likely in operating room withing 4 hours.

So next time you are concerned about spending on National Parks, look at these pictures and think about that man who was saved because of our National Park system's search and rescue program.