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Monday, August 25, 2008

Clean Coal is Sponsoring the CNN Presentation of the Democratic National Convention.

Something is really wrong with that, especially considering donations by Turner Broadcasting (the owner of CNN) Employee donations are considerably lopsided towards the the left, including Ted Turner's $1000 contribution to Barack Obama's campaign.

I guess this is a good sign of media independence, and a sign of a really good marketing strategy on behalf of the Coal Industry. I just hope people who watch the clean coal commercials realize it is not a brain child of the left, but yet another spin by the right to get at the Environmental Vote.

The costs of clean coal are significant and the effects of coal mining still devastate coal country, polluting water supplies and destroying wilderness. The energy needed to clean the waste of carbon is great and there is no way to capture the radiation that is emitted from coal plants, radiation emissions that are actually greater than those emitted from nuclear power plants. Clean coal is not nearly as clean as the coal industry or the Bush Administration would lead you to believe.