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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I cannot believe I am quoting Ann Coulter!

But I am. It is her column from last week. I am a little behind, but it takes me a few days to build up the joy and happiness I need to have so that when I read Ann Coulter I don't do something very bad. But last week, she actually said something I agree with:

"When you vote Democratic, you're saying NO to mindless patriotism. "

Now she says that as it is a bad thing. She thinks we should be mindlessly patriotic, which scares me. I would like to remind her what mindless patriotism gave us: Nazi Germany, WWII Era Japan, the USSR, and North Korea to name a few. Mindless patriotism is what most often puts dictators in power.

So please, whether you vote Democrat, Republican, Green, Working Families, or Right to Life; Say NO to mindless patriotism!