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Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Ugly Side of Greek Life

It is absolutely horrible what Delta Zeta did to one of their chapters. They basically kicked over half the sisters in the chapter because they were not "committed" enough. It just so happens that the sisters who were asked to stay were traditionally attractive and the ones who were asked to leave were not. How DZ thought they could get away with something like this in todays society, I have no idea.

It is stories like these that really make everyone think: "Oh, greek life is so horrible." For the most part it is not. I was in a fraternity. We were the not so cool fraternity on campus. We did not have the football or baseball players, we had the engineers, scientists, and video gamers. But we did do some good; raising money for Habitat for Humanity and working with kids at the Boys and Girls Club. We did educational events in our house and I made life long friends who have been there for me when things got really bad. We fell low on membership at one point but we did not need our national chapter to come in and kick out the "uncool" or "unattractive" guys in the fraternity. Had they done that, I and several of my brothers would have left as well.

Thank you Delta Zeta for continuing to sully the view of Greek Life.