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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Al Gore

A very nice article from the Washington Post about how Al Gore has done the impossible by rehabilitating his image after the 2000 Election and helped awaken a large portion of the population to the thPublishreats of Global Warming.

Whether his raising awarness has been enough and will really have an effect on global climate change I do not know. Only time will tell, but I still think we will be faced with some very harsh times economically and environmentally in the near future due to climate change already occuring or soon to occur.

His being at the Oscars tonight as raised speculation that he may announce his candidacy for President. While most insiders and politicos find this highly unlikely (as do I); I do think it would be one of most fantastic political moves of my life-time. Regardless, one can still hope he would run for President. Check out this site if you agree.

Update 2/26/07: Damn!