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Monday, March 05, 2007

VA Hospitals

While I know that throwing money as something will not always fix it, how about a little extra money for improving our VA Hospitals, get more staff, and retain better staff.

Two Ideas to pay for it:
1. 25% tax on all non-medically necessary plastic surgery.
-These people were injuried (at least in theory) to protect your right to get a nose job. We should make sure they are getting proper treatment before you get your nose job.
2. 100% tax on a doctor's income over $250,000.
-This tax is would be waived if a doctor participates in a program where they rotate into a VA hospital for 2 months out of each year, 3 months out of each year when we are engaged in military conflict.

There is no reason that those injured in combat should get substandard treatment with the amount of money we spend on medical treatment each year.