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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Al Gore for President?

August 26, 2008-Denver, CO

The Democratic Race for President has continued to keep the attention of America with a continued close and one might say, “bloody” race between Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton. John Edwards 38 Delegates have turned into the linchpin for the eventual candidate and after four unsuccessful ballots, there has been no winner due to John Edwards holding onto his Delegates. With no change of either candidate winning the nomination without Mr. Edwards’ Delegates the Candidates and party leaders were in closed session until 4 AM attempting to settle the matter once and for all. What came out of that meeting is a shock to the entire party and the nation, prompting an unofficial initial, “Crap” from Senator John McCain.

Facing a deadlock and two candidates who have done all but enter the Octagon and engage in combat, Senators Clinton and Obama, and former Senator Edwards have released their delegates. In addition to this, both Senator Clinton and Senator Obama have withdrawn their names from consideration. What would have caused the Senators not only to release their delegates but also withdraw from the race after months of one of the hardest fought Democratic Primary Seasons in history? The arrival of the Democratic Party’s knight in shinning (yet biodegradable) armor, former Vice President Al Gore.

Al Gore has put his name forward to the convention for consideration as the Democratic Candidate for President. He is now the only candidate up for consideration and will be the Democratic Candidate for President.

This is prompted speculation that this had been the Democratic Plan all along. Let two highly qualified candidates fight it out for months and bloody each other only to have an unscathed and certainly popular candidate come out of no where at the last moment. After McCain’s initial comment his campaign spokesman had this to say:

“This is just another blatant attempt by the so called, “Democratic” Party, to undermine the Democratic Process. First it was not seating delegates from two states and now nominating a candidate who has no delegates who the American people have never had an opportunity to vote for as the Democratic Candidate. They should be ashamed of themselves.”

Strong words from the McCain camp, but one could not help notice the trembling hands of the spokesman while making that statement. This is a completely new race for the Presidency. The next few weeks will tell whether this was one of the greatest political moves of all time, or one of the worst.

Hey, it could happen…