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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New GI Bill

It is nice to know that some of our leaders are looking out for our veterans and our economic future.

A new GI Bill has been proposed in Congress that would cover education costs equivalent of state schools in the state that the veteran is living in. As mentioned in Bob Herbert's opinion, this is a fantastic idea. Not only would it give out veterans something to come back to besides families that desparately miss them but it would promote economic growth by putting highly motivated, well educated adults into the work force and would probably be a boost recruitment. College is way too expensive these days and people can use all the help they can get to pay for it.

While proponents say that this would not decrease reenlistment, I have to agree with the opponents that it would. Why stay in the military when you can get out, get and education, and get a good job close to your family? However, as this benefit would likely be a boon for recruitment so that those who do not re-enlist would be more easily replaced.

It still ceases to amaze me that some of our leaders talk about how we need to strengthen America but they do everything they can to hurt the educational opportunities available. Without properly educating our youth we will lose the only comparable advantage we have over much of the world, our innovation, research, and development.