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Saturday, July 22, 2006

I want one!

Too bad my birthday has passed. I could really use one of these.

Who says the electric car is dead? Yes there have been some attempts to get rid of it. Oil executives don't like it one bit, but the people do. Approximately 86% would use more fuel efficient to reduce their energy usage.

Things you can do to help get companies to improve their fuel efficiency of cars or at least reduce how much you spend on gas and contribute to air pollution:
-Write your congressman and ask him or her to improve CAFE standards.
-Write your favorite car maker and tell them you want more fuel efficient vehicles.
-Don't buy SUVs. If you need the extra space, by a car rack.
-Ride your bike. A lot of businesses these days have a gym or at least a shower at work. Take advantage of it.
-Take Public Transit. You get to relax, sleep, read a book, and not honk your horn at other drives.
-Car pool. Even better if you can get someone else to drive!

I know it is not realistic for everyone to do all of those. Public transit in the US, not exactly the best. Bike riding, not likely happening in Anchorage in December. But gas prices are getting obscene and our air quality can be better. Fuel efficient or emissionless vehicles are good for everyone.