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Friday, July 21, 2006

A letter to the Tourists

Dear Tourists,

I think it is wonderful that you come to our fair city to see the sights and support our economy. It is a joy to see you walking around being awed by buildings, monument, and statutes that we have long since come to take for granted. I am glad our city is here for your enjoyment because it is a wonderful city and all who live here want to share it with you.

During your time wandering the city seeing the sights, please remember, we live here and we work here. This is a very fast paced city for those who live in it. We are always on the move and always in a hurry. You may notice this when you ride an escalator down to the T or the Metro. While some like yourself are sitting there aweing at the length of the escalator, we are running up and down it because we are in a hurry to catch our train because we don't have the luxury of being a little late for a visit to a monument or for dinner. So please, if you are not walking up or down the escalator, do not stand on the left, stay to the right. We want you to enjoy your vacation, but we want to get to work. We can both do that without any problems if you will just please please please stay to the right on the escalator so we can walk down it. It is all we ask while you visit our fair city.

Thank you for your time, and enjoy your stay.