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Monday, July 24, 2006

Save the planet and make money too

Who says saving the planet cannot be economical? Vinod Khosla doesn't. He is betting heavily on ethanol as a replacement for oil and having our country dependent on Middle America, not the Middle East for our fuel.

You could just say he's crazy and is throwing away his money. People probably said that when he invested in those complete failures and Google. When you have one of the most successful venture capitalists out there investing in something, I would take a hint. It is probably going to be a money maker. Which is a good thing, because if there is going to be any real progress in alternative energy and cleaner fuels it is going to have to be economically driven. If it is driven by necessity, it is probably already too late. It is just human nature to think about our personal best interests in the relative short term.

Hopefully Mr. Khosla will have some luck with his investment and his work trying to convince our country's leadership that change is needed. Ethanol fuel is not and end-all-be-all, but it is a start and his success could spur others to pursue increased investment in alternative carbon reducing technologies.